Market Access & Trade Data Report by Country

Market Access & Trade Data Report By Country 

Our main research product for sale is the Market Report & Trade Data Report. We produce on-demand reports at product level in most of Latin American countries. 

This type of report analyzes the market access restrictions in a Latin American country for a selected product, considering main tariff and non tariff barriers.

The report also provides information on the import figures for the selected product in the selected country, being the latest available data for such product in the selected country. In some countries, the name of buying companies or importers is provided. 

As an option to be quoted separately, we may offer additional commercial intelligence data for the majority of products (some restrictions apply, please consult), including information on product strategies, distribution channel strategies, advertising and promotion strategies and price strategies among others. Please consult with us in case you need this option additionally to your purchase.

The Market Access Research Series by LATIN AMERICAN MARKETS (C) are written by senior international trade and marketing consultants, and focus basically on market access and import figures in most Latin American countries for hundred of products. 

Basic information is gathered from field research through business partners in those countries and from documental information obtained in public sources, as well as in private databases. 

All reports follows an identical content index, are printed in paper and shipped by courier within 7 to 10 days after payment is received. Reports are offered in text (hard cover) with a digital version. 

These reports are developed by Latin American Markets consultants both in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Miami, United States. Language of the report is spanish. Translation of the report is an option to be quoted by separate. If you wish a quote for this option please send us an e-mail from the Contact Section.